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 How to update your profile !

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How to update your profile ! Voirpr10
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How to update your profile ! Empty
MessageSujet: How to update your profile !   How to update your profile ! EmptyMer 15 Sep - 20:15

I'll explain to you how to update your profile. I did it for basic information but if you ask, I'll probably make another tutorial to complete your profile !

To see all screen shots, click on the word "spoiler" to see them and click again to close them.

Well ! Here we go ! ♪

First, go on the home page (if your login isn't automatic and you don't know how to connect, click Here ! At tutorial's end, there are some helps to log in)

Now click on "profil".

Here you'll be able to customize your profile ! o/
First, you can mark who is your favorite member if you want !
The "favorite members" is for example if you have several favorite members, you can write their names, when with "membre préféré" (framed in red) with pictures, you can only choose one, I keep this both ways so that you can choose the way you prefer, but you can also fill in both !

If you scroll down a bit, you can complete your profile with information you want ( translations of all information are already on the picture so ... ~ )
When you finished, don't forget to click on "enregistrer" which means "save", if you don't, all your datas will be lost !

After saving your informormation you'll be redirected to this web page
The first link means "return to your profile" if you want to make some changes or complet your profile.
The second link allows you to check your general datas !

Now I'm going to explain how to put a userpic that will appear when you leave a comment !
If you're on the home page, click on "profile".

Then, you must click on "Avatar" to upload a userpic. Now, several options for uploading your usertopic are available. First you can upload a picture from your computer by clicking on "Parcourir ... " or you can put the "picture's web address". When you finished, click on "enregistrer" !

There's a new option in the profile named "Anliko" (by clicking on "profile" and then it'll be the last link) ! In there you'll be able to answer to some questions and put up your current mood! Please don't forget to save your datas when you've finished by clicking on "enregistrer" at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions, please leave a comment on this topic !
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How to update your profile !

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