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 How to register !

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How to register ! Voirpr10
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How to register ! Empty
MessageSujet: How to register !   How to register ! EmptyMer 15 Sep - 18:43

I'll explain you how to register. If you still have problems, please leave a comment at the end of this topic explaining what the problem is !

To see all screen shots, click on the word "spoiler" to see them and click again to close them.

First, go on the home page

There, just click on the red framed "s'enregistrer" link, it means "register" in English.
Then, you should see this page...

Now, you have to click on the link "j'accepte le règlement", it means you agree the general forum rules.

Now, please fill in your "Username", "Email address" and "Password".
Mark if you are a "male" or "female".
And your birthday, Day, Month (Janvier = January ; Février = February ; Mars = March ; Avril = April ; Mai = May ; Juin = June ; Juillet = July ; Août = August ; Septembre = September ; Octobre = October ; Novembre = November and Décembre = December) and the Year (for example 1990).
To finish, just click on "enregistrer"

Here you just have to confirm your Password and then click on "enregistrer" ! ^^

Well, the registration is finished ! But your account isn't actived yet, so you have to check your email box to do it !

If everything went alright, you should've received an email from the forum, you may open it. You'll find your account information such as your username and your password. To activate your account, please click on the link framed in red.

If you didn't receive our email, please leave a comment at the end of this topic and I'll reply as quickly as possible (to leave a comment, click the big link "répondre" at the bottom of the topic and then you can write your message. When you finished, click on "envoyer" and your message will be published)

Now, I'll show you how to log in when your registration is finished !

On the home page, you can either click on "connexion" on the top of the page or directly enter your login infomation at the bottom of the page.

And then, enter your "username", your "Password" and click on "connexion"... and then...

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How to register !

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