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 How to write/send a comment !

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MessageSujet: How to write/send a comment !   Jeu 16 Sep - 13:42

To see all screen shots, click on the word "spoiler" to see them and click again to close them.

Now, I'll explain you to make a comment !

At the end of all topics, you'll find this type of thing...

You can write your comment in the white square provided! When you finished composing your message, you can either click on "prévisualisation" (preview) to see how your message looks like or on "envoyer" (send) and your message will be sent !
I'll explain later in the topic the different functions you can use to write your comment.

If you don't see the white square (if you're not registered), click the big orange link "répondre" (reply) and it will appear ! If, you're registered and you don't see it right away, maybe you're not connected or the topic is locked.

If you sent a comment but you want to change it, you can do so by clicking the big orange link "éditer" (edit). Now if you want to delete your comment, click on the cross, and another page will be opened where it'll be asked if you really want to delete your message, if you want to, click "oui" (yes) and if you don't, click "non" (no).

Now I'll explain you the functions you can use to write a message ...
Warning: some icons appear only when you preview the message before sending it!
Warning: for some functions, you must highlight the word/sentence you want to transform first !

Well, some functions are already in English or understandable so I don't explain how to use them (I think you already know how to use them).

This one is to insert a picture in your message, you just have to click on the icon and put the picture's address, then, click on "OK".

This one is used to insert videos. Click on the icon, then insert Youtube or Dailymotion's video's address and click on "OK".

This one is for links. You must click on the icon, in the first blank, you have to write video's address , and in the second, the word(s) you want it/them to replace page's address in your message.

If you want to make stuff like...
You have to click on "Autres" (others), and choose "spoiler" !!

If you have a question, please, leave a comment here !
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How to write/send a comment !

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